Millcon Thiha

Millcon Thiha မှကြိုဆိုပါသည်

Millcon Thiha မှကြိုဆိုပါသည်

Import Original နဲ့ Local သံချောင်းကို ဘယ်လိုခွဲမလဲ ?

There is one of a major problem facing in the construction materials distribution market, of course some of businesses are selling local rebars as import originals.

The whole TEAM in a business has to work together in a benefit way to sell the products that your business sells in a market. In such a partnership, it is very important that we work together honestly and correctly.

By working for our own benefit, on the other hand, we are disrespecting our valued customers. Simply put, it’s trick selling to the customer). Doing so can have a detrimental effect on the business in the long run, as well as a huge loss for the customers. Reliable can lose in the blink of an eye. The emergence of such a large market in addition to the customer market. There are also serious setbacks for the construction industry. This is a price issue, as we all know.

အကြမ်းအားဖြင့် သံချောင်းစျေးကွက်မှာ အမျိုးအစား (၂) မျိုးရှိပါတယ်။ 

သံချောင်းဈေးကွက်မှာ နိုင်ငံခြားကနေ တိုက်ရိုက်တင်သွင်းရောင်းချတဲ့ Import သံချောင်းတွေရှိသလို၊ ဒီကစက်မှုဇုံမှာပဲ ထုတ်တဲ့ Local သံချောင်းဆိုပြီး နှစ်မျိုးနှစ်စားရှိပါတယ်။ 

The real problem with local rebar is that the businesses are selling as foreign brand rebars by inputing foreign roll marks on the local rebar. 

And Local Rebar is cheaper than the real HRB-400 and HRB-500. In fact, local rebars are not as expensive

 HRB-400, HRB-500 Original သံချောင်းထက် အဲ့ဒီ အသားတံဆိပ်ပြန်ရိုက်ထားတဲ့သံချောင်း ကပိုပြီးဈေးသက်သာပါတယ်။ တကယ်တမ်း Local သံချောင်းတွေက စျေးအဲ့လောက်မကြီးပါဘူး။


"ကျွန်တော်တို့ Original နဲ့ Local ကို ဘယ်လိုခွဲကြမလဲ ?


အချက် (၆) ချက်ရှိပါတယ်။ ဒီအချက်‌ (၆) ချက်ပေါ်အခြေခံပြီး ခွဲခြားကြည့်ဖို့ တိုက်တွန်းလိုက်ရပါတယ်……

၁) ဖောင်းလုံးကြီးခြင်း

I think you are familiar with the bumpy that are next to the rebars. Local rebars tend to be larger than the original rebars. (You will need to take a look closer)

၂) စာလုံးပုံ (Font) မတူခြင်း   

There is a difference between the fonts written on the import rebars and the fonts printed on the local rebar. Make sure the font on the original rebar is smoother, while on the local rebars the font is rough.   

၃) Chemical Composition

The colors of the rebars are mostly white. The main reason for this is abnormal chemical composition. In addition, the raw material of local rebars is not made from raw steel like the raw materials of original rebars, but is made from scrap metal. So it will be very different in terms of strength of loads.

၄) ကြံ့ခိုင်မှုအပိုင်း

Local Rebars are extremely weak in strength. As mentioned above, it is made of scrap metal, so it is weak in terms of durability. In addition, the strength of each rebar pic varies from one pic to another. (This is a big blowing point for clients.)

၅) Bundle

The tops of the bundles of local rebars are usually flat. Original rebars do not match the bundle.

၆) အရောင်အသွေး

The color of the original rebars is usually brownish blue. It is imported and comes with bulk shipments, so it can withstand a lot of water, wind and rust. But local rebars can be looking great in color. It does not contain rust. There are all six basic facts how to know the differences between quality original import & Local Rebars.

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