Millcon Thiha

Millcon Thiha မှကြိုဆိုပါသည်

Millcon Thiha မှကြိုဆိုပါသည်

Gel Non-Shrink Grout

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As for high performance type of non-shrink grout cement, we imported the cement from Thailand which has good flow ability with high early and high ultimate strength, mostly used as construction chemical and grouting.

High Performance type of Non-Shrink Grout Cement, good flow ability with high early and high ultimate strength
Features Non-Bleeding
Controlled Expansion
Non-Metallic, Non-Rusting and Chloride Free
Good Flow Ability
Non-Air Void
High Compressive Strength
Applications General Concrete Repair
Cast the base for supporting column, bridge structure or crane’s rail
Fill the gap, such as foundation or concrete formwork
Precast wall installation
Work which is required greater strength than general concrete
TIS 2701 – 2559
Place of Origin Thailand
Payment Term Cash Down / Special Account & Banking Transfer
Packing Waterproof Package

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