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Welcome to Millcon Thiha

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Where Are Wire Rod Used?

Wire rod is a finished product in a steel plant rolled from the billet in a wire rod mill. It is mainly used for the production of steel wire which is then subjected to further processing. Let’s see how wire rods had been essential in the industry and which products could be manufactured …

Wire Rods are produced in various shapes (Eg. Square, Hexagonal, etc.,) The main production shape is Round Cross-Section and  Norminal diameters from 5 mm to 19 mm.

The internal diameter of a wire rod is 810 mm – 910 mm, and the external diameter is 1100 mm – 1300 mm.

The weight of the coil varies from 600 kg to 2.5 tons.

Original Quality GRADE- HRB 400 & HRB 500 Deformed Bar : Available Sizes 10 mm – 32 mm with the Best Prices offering by Millcon Thiha

As long with the apply of quality steel products in the construction industry, we have the best offering for our customers.

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