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Welcome to Millcon Thiha

Welcome to Millcon Thiha

How are the rebar prices fluctuating?

Today, based on the Global Steel Rebar Market, we’re going to review a little chart that shows the average rebar price fluctuations. The Timeline shows a small chart of what happened in 3 months, and from May until today, September 16, the latest ups and downs are shown.

If you look back at the chart from August 24 last month, the price of rebar seems to be going up, but in fact, it has gone down. The lowest price drop in 4 months after May occurred in the first week of September, and the second week shows a slightly up.

Rebar Prices (June to August)

The current local rebar price today can be roughly said to have fallen slightly in the last 2/3 days due to the slightly drop in the dollar prices. If you look back at the chart, you can see that the price is heading towards a decrease in the third week of September. Is there a further decrease in the price of rebar in the international rebar market? In this case, how much will the dollar prices would fall?  Will the prices of rebar rise once the dollar prices up due to the unstable situation?

The price shown in this chart is in USD. The rebar price fluctuation is based on the Global Steel Rebar Market.
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